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Brick Paver Restoration

Brick Pavers when left neglected will transform into a mess of weeds, grass and grime. We can remove this while adding sealers that will enhance the look while protecting from the elements. 

Our Services for Brick Paver Restoration:

  • Pressure Washing to remove grass, moss, weeds, mold and dirt 

  • Removal of failed coatings that have discolored (optional)

  • Application of Polymeric Sands to reduce joint sand loss

  • Application of new joint sand to stabilize brick pavers

  • Paver Brick Sealing to Enhance and Protect

  • Minor Repairs


Types of Brick Paver Areas Serviced:

  • Paver Patios

  • Brick Walkways

  • Paver Brick Driveways

  • Retaining Walls

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